Weekend Highlights & Songs in My Head

June 12, 2006

Tom and I comment on blessed we are that we have some very wonderful friends. Many of these we have known for 10+ years, we have “grown up” with these fine folks. Others are new but are quickly becoming close. Makes me think of that song “Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold”. That is so true!

Friday night we had the opportunity to spend the evening with some of both our silver and gold friends! Jon and Amber we’ve known since our highschool days and Andrew and Michaela are newer ones. (Andrew and Michaela are the youth pastors of our church and do an awesome job!)

We all met at Longview for a free carnival. There really wasn’t that many people there and it was spread out below some nice shady trees so it was very nice. They had moonwalks and a blow up maze, face painting, fishing games and much more. The kids had fun and so did we. Here’s a few pics:

You can see we all have a lot in common! We each have 3 children all about the same age.

Julian loved the maze!

Jaden trying to look at his basketball

McKenna and Julian getting their faces painted. Julian’s was a manly lizard and McKenna’s a feminine cat!



Tom and I took the kids to Walmart Saturday morning to get a slip-n-slide. They excitedly helped us put it out that afternoon and had a ball.



Then things got a little interesting! We stripped off Jaden’s clothes because they were so heavy and the next thing you know everyone is naked! Sorry, I can’t show the pics of Tom.



Thank goodness we live in the country with no neighbors!! We would have been the talk at the next block party.

This made me think of another song. . .yeah, you know the one. . .

Hello, everyone, this is your action news reporter with all the news that is news across the nation, on the scene at the supermarket. There seems to have been some disturbance here. Pardon me, sir, did you see what happened?

Yeah, I did. I’s standin’ overe there by the tomaters, and here he come, running through the pole beans, through the fruits and vegetables, nekkid as a jay bird. And I hollered over t’ Ethel, I said, “Don’t look, Ethel!” But it’s too late, she’d already been incensed.

Here he comes, look at that, look at that
There he goes, look at that, look at that
And he ain’t wearin’ no clothes
Oh, yes, they call him the Streak
Look at that, look at that
Fastest thing on two feet
Look at that, look at that
He’s just as proud as he can be
Of his anatomy He goin’ give us a peek

It was a great weekend!!



15 responses to Weekend Highlights & Songs in My Head

  1. How funny!! I love the nudie pics!!! And I totally forgot about that song!!! Now I’ll have it stuck in my head!! I think I’ll look it up on Rhapsody!!

    Cute stroller pic!

  2. How cool. I grew up in the country and yes freedom is a wonderful feeling. I’ve even been known to go out to the clothes line to get clean clothes to put on, NAKED. Kandi and I would slip into a kiddy pool outside the back door when she was young. 😀 :p

  3. I tell ya after one or two good wedgies sliding down that thing the shorts have got to come off. (As for the pictures of me well she couldn’t find a big enough black box… :cool :evil)

  4. Marlis, you are brave! I am known to go out in my nightgown but I’ve never been out naked. My kids seem to be naked a lot in the summer out here though. Kids just LIKE being naked. When we were potty training Julian every morning he would get up, trudge outside and with pants to his ankles take a leak off the deck. I wish I would have taken a picture of that one. :moon :moon :moon

  5. Funny, Tom! :rotfl

  6. Good Lord! Those pics are hilarious! I definitely think you should’ve put the naked pics of Tom up! :rolleyes

    I was cracking up!

  7. I tell you that really disappoints me the way you guys act. You are going to give the Shoemaker name a bad reputation!!! I have worked so hard to keep high standards for our family name. 😀

  8. Tom you are else!!!!!!!! :oops :eek

  9. Kenny, we seem to disappoint you over and over. So sorry. I’ve always heard that the younger siblings just follow in the older ones footsteps. :drool :p

  10. Great pictures! I can see the fun never ends at your house. Your kids are going to have great memories….

  11. LOVE the nude pics!! Chandler has taken to walking around completely naked all the time & it really mortifies Jon when I let him go outside in the nude! Umm…he’s THREE not thirty :rolleyes

    Thanks for considering me a “golden” friend! Made me smile inside :D.

  12. Sounds like fun, fun, fun, at the ole farmstead! Your kids are so wonderful. I love Julian’s prayer in the previous post. When we were moving here from Oklahoma, our friend’s 4 year old asked his mom if they could trade his 2 year old brother for Tori as he like playing with her better. :rotfl

  13. I just had to come look again, those pics crack me up. And of course I was hoping for an updated version with the Tom pictures… :puke

  14. Sorry, Carl! I would probably be banned from the internet if I posted those picks. I know everyone is dying to see them.

  15. I’m not sure you’d be banned from the internet…you would be pitied however.