We’re Adding a New Family Member

July 27, 2009




The kids have been begging for a puppy for a long, long time. We finally put them off by saying we needed to wait until after our vacation. Branson came and went and kids don’t forget the promises….so off to the shelter’s we went. We looked for a few weeks and then Saturday we visited a shelter and found Snickers.


He’s perfect for a family! He’s very sweet, loving and calm puppy. It took two days before I even heard him bark for the first time. He’s doing very well on his training and the kids adore him. I must admit that Tom and I lthink he’s pretty special too.

He was found with his two siblings in the middle of the highway. Someone thought they were baby racoons and went to help them and saw they were puppies. He is a terrier mix and doesn’t look like he will get to be a very big dog.



11 responses to We’re Adding a New Family Member

  1. He is uber cute! He reminds me of Razz when he was a little guy. Same face! I love his colors! Congrats! I can’t wait to hold him!

  2. We thought he looked like Razz too. He has this funny long hair around his muzzle and on top of his ears. Almost looks like feathers. He is already spoiled!

  3. He is sooooo cute. He does look like Razz. Can he smile.?

  4. Yeah, I wonder if we could teach him to do the Razz grin! That was so priceless.

  5. So, sweet! Looks like a keeper :) I’ll bet his little puppy paws don’t touch the ground too often. Sounds like you guys are having a fun summer!

  6. Awww…what a cutie! Congrats on your newest baby! Its like being a new parent all over again, with the potty training, etc. If James and I can just make Snickers pee every time it sees us then the circle of life will be complete!

  7. Carl- he pees enough already. I think he smiles on the inside when he does it on the carpet.

    Amber- Yes, his paws touch the carpet to pee in the carpet. Just one more reason to use my ‘baby’, you know what I’m talking about 😉

  8. Carl, the circle of life has been repeated over and over at our house! Don’t feel pressure to come and make him pee more. Puppies….

    Amber, I think part of the pee problem is that he is held too much and not put out enough. He is so luvable it’s hard to put him down. :)

  9. Karen you sound like you’re talking about me.


  10. Oh, How fun! It IS Razz!!

    What a sweet story about the people that found him and his siblins.

    Puppies and dogs need a good home that understand the breed or mixed breed in your case.

    Down the road from us is a Boxer that looks like Amiga which died 6 years ago and this dog is tied up all the time and looks at me with sad eyes. I want to rescue her some way.

    Enjoy this little one,

    Janet D

  11. I’m thinking about peeing whenever I see my friends come over. It seems to be an immediate way to let them know I’m excited to see them.

    Makes you think twice about inviting me over, doesn’t it?