We’re all “holding together”!

September 1, 2006

This week has been extra crazy for me. All three of the kids were sick with fevers and the two boys had major diarrhea! So when I say it was a crappy week. . .well I am serious.

Here’s a funny for all you Mom’s out there who can completely understand what it’s like to have sick kids. You can commiserate with being cooped up in the house for days, having grumpy children that all want to be held at once, changing poopy pants over and over and over. . ., going through a whole tube of Desitin and asking again and again that if you need to “toot” please sit on the toilet when you do it.


After the many bouts of diarrhea, Julian went to the bathroom last night and yelled at me “HEY MOM! I’M ALL BETTER. . .IT’S ALL STARTING TO HOLD TOGETHER!”

I just love the way kids say things!



5 responses to We’re all “holding together”!

  1. I’ve cleaned diarrhea off the wall before and it wasn’t in the bathroom. :moon

    I’ve also cleaned it off furniture! :puke

    Yes, I am all too well acuainted with poop of all kinds!

    I am so glad to hear that it’s all holding together now! :cool

  2. Holding together now, :rotfl :rotfl Kids can say the darndest things, It’s just like Art Linkletter used to say. I love it, kids say it, like it is.

  3. Ahhhhhhh….that’s hilarious. The last part of course, not your week of high temps and Hershey squirts. Glad its all starting to hold together.

  4. Yeah, it was funny. Julian’s little friend was over the other day and he said “I know what diarrhea is: It’s poop throw up!” :puke

    Remember when one of the D girls called it pooperhea?

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