We’re Back!

July 27, 2006

Tom and I had the rare opportunity to get away from all responsibilities and fly to Vegas. Well, I was away from all responsibilities but Tom was in a conference each day. It was so nice to just be alone for a few days!!

I was surprised to be picked up by a LIMO when I got to the Vegas airport. Tom and I flew out on separate flights so we arrived at different times. Carissa (Tom’s wonderful friend and co-worker) arranged for the limo rides for us and a chocolate treat and champagne in our room! (Thanks Carissa!! I think my very favorite was the chocolate. It was scrumptious.)

Treasure Island. They had nightly shows on these boats outside the hotel that people would flock to watch.

Here are some of the sights we saw as we walked the strip.


The Excaliber. Tom and I ate at the buffet – it was yummy.

Tom and I stuffed after the buffet

They have many beutiful fountains and lights everywhere you look.

My honest overall feelings of our trip:
You look at all these pictures and it looks great but I know you are all thinking “so did you like Las Vegas”?

I had a great time being away for a few days! I probably would never pick to go back to Vegas. It’s not my kind of town. It was definitely something to see and Tom and I had fun. I thought it was very expensive. You walk a LOT! The thing I most noticed was it was very LOUD. I must be really used to the quiet of the country or something. Everywhere you go there is loud music and noisy slot machines and advertising. The lights at night are pretty and the “people watching” is at it’s best. You see some interesting things there.

All in all, I am glad I went. I enjoyed myself and the time of having a break from the kids. Tom and I enjoyed being together alone immensely. I thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in and laying at the pool. Yes, I gambled and YES, I LOST! (at one point I gambled three dollars and was up to $60.00! Then I lost it all. . .oh well.)

A special thanks to all the grandparents for taking over for us while we were gone. The kids had a great time with you all. We love you!!!!



9 responses to We’re Back!

  1. Vegas is LOUD and full of bright lights??? NO :eek! LOL! I’m just giving you a hard time. The one and only time I went to Vegas I was playing the nanny role & I kept thinking “this would be so much fun without kids”. I probably thought that because I was always looking for a quiet place to take the kids….which happened to be the hotel room 9 times out of 10 😐 I think the whole point of Vegas is to go somewhere fun….somewhere LOUD….somewhere that never sleeps (just in case you ever wondered what kind of craziness you could get into in the middle of the night)! I don’t think you are supposed to come back from Vegas “refreshed”…you are supposed to say “Man, that was fun…but I’m pooped!”.

    You know me….I wake up around midnight, so I loved that nothing is ever closed in Vegas. If you woke up at 2:00 a.m and wanted to go shopping or get some homemade italian gelato and a spicy chicken Thai wrap….all you had to do was walk down the street. That’s my kind of town!

    *That Carissa must really love you two!

  2. You’re right, Amber! Everything starts waking up in the evening. You go down in the morning and see people that are sitting at the slots and you can tell they haven’t seen a pillow yet. It’s crazy!

    Yeah, Carissa is great! :band

  3. I am so glad to hear that the trip went well and you had a great time!!

    Carissa is a sweetheart!

    Grandparents are such a God send.

    You know, I don’t think Vegas is my kind of town either. I dream of quiet places. I love peaceful, dewy mornings.

    The walking part sounds great.

  4. The thing about Vegas is it was so dry. I had a water bottle with me when walking and eye drops all the time. It is also where everyone smokes everywhere. In the halls, in the restraunts, in the casino, … You smell like an ashtray everywhere you go. I also got the distinct feeling of fake. The half naked girls (and guys) on posters, the planted palm trees, the replicas of real places (i.e. Luxor pyramid, Paris- Eiffell tower, New York- statue of liberty). It was neat to see the detail and extremely tall hotels, but all of it seems a monument to what man can make. I told others it was like Branson on meth.

  5. Branson on meth! :evil

    I am glad you two were able to getaway together!

  6. I have not been back to Vegas since ’96 and it was fun. But back in the 80’s my first husband and I went about three times and it was a blast. It was not as good in ’96 so I can imagine what it is like now.

    One year we vacationed in Laughlin Nev. there was only 2 or 3 casino’s then, but I guess it is pretty commercial now. The water in the Colorado was so cold, but a wonderful time.

    Henderson outside of Las Vegas is where we always hit it big. AAAAHHHH the memories.

    Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the mini vacation.

  7. As I read your post, I was thinking, “Man!! She should have let me know she was coming, I would have driven down to see her!!!” Then I got to the part of “enjoying alone time immensely”, so, no hard feelings, although I would have loved to see you again…


  8. Glad you guys had a good time and made it back safely. Vegas isn’t a place I’ve ever had a desire to visit though I’d probably enjoy it if I had tickets to some of the musicals or Cirque de Soliel.

  9. Merri, I actually thought about letting you know I was going there. I didn’t realize that we wouldn’t be that far apart! That would have been great to see you. I would gladly have given up some “alone time” for that! :cry