What in the world?

August 14, 2009

Today it is August 16th. It is 91 degrees outside. School has not yet started. The swimming pools are still open. I’m wearing shorts and a tank top. I even sweated today. I live in the midwest where the seasons change and you notice them changing…yet, today when we went shopping at Hobby Lobby on the hunt for oil pastels, we saw…..


Who would be buying a Christmas tree at this time of the year?

Merry Christmas everyone! :)



6 responses to What in the world?

  1. Hey Karen, we added 2 new kittens to our family. They were at the lake and Mary was going to take them to Springfield to the Shelter. Neal couldn’t stand the thought of Jessie being a dog and alone so we came home with Mittens and Patches both calico’s . Hope you enjoy yours as much as the kids are the kittens. Love Shirley :roll:

  2. Aug. 14th. Kim and the girls are at Summit Waves enjoying the last few weeks of swimming for this year. We went to Michigan 4 wks ago to se Jeff & Chris and got to celebrate Brandons 25 birthday w/him. It seems impossible. Then went to Branson last week on Friday then to the lake weekend. School starts tues. bet you are anxious.
    miss you all. Shirley 😀 8)

  3. Hey Aunt Shirley! Thanks for stopping in and posting. It’s always good to hear from you about the family. I’ll bet the kids are thrilled with the kittens. Funny thing is our cat is looking really fat these days. Not sure if it’s getting ready for winter and Christmas time or what! Hope it’s not pregnant, but I guess it wouldn’t be the end of the world. What’s a few more babies to add to the puppy! 😯

  4. I bought two yesterday.

  5. :mrgreen:

    Okay, just kidding.

  6. Too bad, Carl, I thought maybe you might invite me to a Christmas party in the next few weeks.