What is a Little Boy Made of?

May 3, 2007

Tree Frogs, snails and turtle tails. . .That’s what little boys are made of!

A Turtle Tail

The other day we were driving home and ran across a box turtle crawling across our road. So we stopped and put him in the van to take home and examine. The funny thing was that I put him right behind my seat and in front of Jaden, we were a block from being home so I felt pretty safe with him right there – how fast can a turtle move?

All the way Evely is half crying, half screaming that the turtle would get her. Jaden kept yelling “he’s moooovin’, Mom!” We pull in the garage and I get the kids out – both of them had me carry them out of the van and they had their legs hiked as high as possible until completely free of the turtled area.

Then I go back for the turtle. . .where was the turtle? I looked and looked. I was starting to get as jittery as the kids not knowing where that thing was. Finally I found that he has slid all the way into the back.

Evely hated the turtle and cried if she got anywhere near him. Jaden promptly named him Michaelangelo after the cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Here’s the turtle tail!

Gotta love the macro setting on a camera! Doesn’t he look happy to have his picture taken!

Jaden and Michaelangelo

A Froggy Friend

Two days ago, I was cleaning around the deck and found a lovely little tree frog. He was sound asleep and looked just like a rock sitting there. I called the kids and got the same response as the turtle. Evely did hold Mr. Sticky but the love immediately wore off and she began to cry and wanted him off her hands. Jaden wouldn’t leave it alone and had a pet all afternoon. Good thing the frog had a nap before Jaden got ahold of him!



It just amazes me the beauty in the creatures God made for our enjoyment. What a wonder the world around us is!

It never ceases to amaze me at the little creatures that my kids are too. The in-born responses that my baby girl has is totally opposite of the boys. Hearing her say “eeewww” at a picture of a snake or spider in her little girl voice just makes me laugh. I love seeing the diffferences in each of my children and how they are so unique.

“Marvelous are Thy works and that my soul knowest QUITE well!” ~ Psalms



4 responses to What is a Little Boy Made of?

  1. What a great post! I love the pics of the critters. God’s creation is AMAZING.

    I was driving along the other day and there was a huge snapping turtle in the road. I quickly pulled off the road and took the girls to it. I so want them to appreciate God’s creatures. I tried to pick him up but that sucker wanted to hurt me! He scratched me with his sharp claws and you could hear his jaws snapping at me. It was fun! On the farm we always killed them because they act the ducks and nibbled the fish off the fish lines. I guess now they are a bit endangered. There were tons of them when I was growing up.

    I enjoyed your stories. I have noticed that boys and girls are wired so differently. Sometimes I so wish I had a son. Boys are so fun!

  2. The turtle tail picture makes me giggle!!!!

  3. I’m trying to get my bearings on that turtle tail. Did you crawl under him to get the picture or did you pick him up or what? Whatever it takes to get the shot, I guess.

  4. I could hold onto him if I picked him up and turned him over. When I turned him rightside up he would stick out his front feet and push against my hand until I would drop him. I didn’t want to hurt him, so I would turn him over. That’s how I got the turtle tail pic.