what’s important to a 6 year old

November 16, 2006

The other day Julian begged me to let him take some pictures on my camera. He had just got home from school and was excitedly playing around the house and having some hot cocoa. I gave in after all the begging and threatened him within an inch of his life if he hurt my camera (it’s my favorite toy!).

Later I found these pictures on it and it made me chuckle. Here are some important things that a 6 year old deems worthy of taking pictures of:

His favorite rifle bought with some savings and some tooth fairy money!

Maxey his beloved kitty.

His cup of hot cocoa.

An interesting shot of a penguin on a footstool. Pretty creative.

Maybe Julian will one day have a blog and we can see the workings of his little mind. Hmmmm.



6 responses to what’s important to a 6 year old

  1. So it begs the question and a little sharing. What pictures would you take if you had a blog and a camera? Or just a camera? Or just a 6 year old? Okay so mine would be my place of solitude (garage-cleaned and tidy by the way), my carpet cleaner, my car cleaning bucket, my collection of colognes. This is just a partial list mind you, just the priority. Oh and also a picture of the water as it beads off my hand-sealed deck. mmmmmmm.

  2. How about your collection of fishing poles, hunting tent and movies??

  3. I love Julian’s pictures. He is very creative.

    Isee a cleaning theme in Tom’s pictures. What would his blog be called? Clean as a Whistle? Tidy Tom?

    Have fun at your guys night out Tom!

  4. I love all of Julian’s pictures. It’s so fun to see things from his perspective!!!

    Tom, I need a visit from you. I wish your cleaning enthusiasm would rub off!

    I guess my blog is mostly pics of James and the kids. They are my pride and joy. I do love all my china and glass serving dishes and bowls. If I were to take pics of my favorite things I would have to include my favorite pieces from my collection.

  5. Yup, my husband is a cleaning fiend! Last night he came home and steam cleaned the furniture! It looks sooo nice. Thanks hon!

    I’m with you, Jules, my dishes and china are my loves. I would have to take a picture of my camera, scrapbooks, Grandmother’s china cabinet and my new coffee maker.

  6. Great pix, especially the penguin. The pattern on the stool makes it looks like snow or something.