Wheel’s of Life

January 31, 2006



My lovely in-law’s sent this funny cartoon to me. I laughed but then I really looked at it. I am in all the wheels of the first 5 vehicles. The sad part is there are only 4 more left to go!

What I want to know is, do you just add another one each time you enter a new phase or do you ever drop off some of the ones at the beginning??

So where are you at on this chart?



7 responses to Wheel’s of Life

  1. I guarantee Karen that the first ones , you are not going to want as you progress on down the line. By the time your in a wheel chair the only one you might need is a OATS BUS. At least from my view point.

    Glad your MOM had a nice cruise. I’m afraid I would be like her,
    I WANT TO GO HOME. But what an adventure. Great.

  2. I’m hoping to be riding a unicycle at the end of my life!

  3. I am right in the middle in the van. My van is very crowded!

  4. Carl, you probably will be riding a unicycle!

    We missed you last night. Next time maybe. . .

  5. I agree, Marlis! I hope that some of the first ones drop off sometime, but then I do hope my grandchildren are near for me to spoil!

  6. Did you ever have a day you felt like you were going in circles? Well, is it because we were once put into a stroller and the days of circles started there for us? What we do to our children!!!!

    I don’t think as we get older (and that is me!) that we really ever get away from the earlier stages of wheels. Remember we are just as old as we feel. Should I ask my boss to push my baby stroller today? Better yet, maybe I should ride my tricycle up and down the aisles at work tomorrow ha ha

  7. Ha Ha! I think you are right Aunt C! Sometimes I would like to be put in a stroller, pushed around, fed, burped and rocked to sleep. That would be nice. . .