Windy City, Here we come!

March 9, 2006

I am so blessed and excited to be leaving for Chicago tomorrow morning! The college age girls from church are going to hear Beth Moore and I was invited to go along as a sponsor.

The weird thing is that when I heard they were going several months ago I thought “Wow, I would love to go with them!”. I knew that would never happen so I put it out of my head.

Then Sunday night the youth pastor mentioned that I should go. I said “Oh, there’s no way!” Then I asked what the details were and wondered why I was standing there wallowing in this impossibility. I got in the car and threw out to Tom that Andrew had asked me to go and I was shocked to hear him say “Well, you should go!! You really should!” So my babysitting all fell into place, the money came together amazingly – all in one day! It was truly a “God moment” for me. So tomorrow I leave. I am sitting here writing this when I should be packing while the kiddos nap. Oh well, I am too excited and wanted to share it with you.

Pray that we all have a very safe trip and that we are touched and changed forever by HIS presence! I’ll give a report when I get back.



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  2. If I tied myself to the bumper do you think anyone would notice? Hehe!

    I am so glad you get to go! Of course, you must tell me all about it!

  3. If you would have purchased the mystique outfit you could have went as an air freshner.

  4. I can’t wait to here all about it! I’m crazy jealous of course, but SO excited for you. I think it’s so neat that you have formed some great relationships among the college girls. Have fun!

    Tom- You are an awesome hubby for taking on TWO weekends in a row with all 3 kiddos. What a guy!!

  5. Yeah, well you know…

  6. Hope you have…had…a great time! I really enjoyed my trip to Chicago last fall and really want to go back there. One of my employees left today with her family for a week long vacation there. It seemed like a pretty quick drive both there and back when we went. Fun place!

  7. Marilyn alias(Punkie) March 11, 2006 at 4:23 am

    Tom, you are such a card, and so witty. Karen I’ll be watching for your report. I’d like to see Beth speak too, maybe someday.

  8. Great web site! I got the address from Pauline H. Jim B’s daughter. I’m Jim’s brother Ernest’s daughter. I’m sure we’ve never met and it’s been over 20 years since I last saw Tommy. Please tell him Marie & Ernest said to say hello. He might know him better as “Uncle Ern” since they all used to call him that. They are both still kickin up here in WV, although they are both in Heartland nursing home. Dad is 93 and Mom will be 84 on March 20. Pauline wanted to know if you have a phone number where she can call you. God bless you all.


  10. Punkie, I’m glad that you helped keep Tom company through the blogging world this weekend! He seemed to enjoy the adult conversation while taking care of the chillin’s! Don’t egg him on too much :).

  11. Penny!!! Welcome, Welcome! It is amazing what the world of the computer can do and how it can bring practically long lost family together!! Thanks so much for posting and letting me know who you are.

    I edited your post so that the entire world doesn’t know all the specifics and your phone #’s.

    I do remember Uncle Ernest and Uncle Oscar. I know that I met Jim too. He came over to Grandma’s one time with Gail and his son. I remember that Mike and I had a good time with him and he was a wrestler (I think). I called Mom and Dad to tell them of your post and they were very excited to hear from you. They said I did meet you when I was young but I can’t say that I remember it.

    Tell Uncle Ernest and Aunt Marie “hello”. I remember Grandma (Cletus) telling lots of stories about Marie and Ernest. She was quite the talker!!

    I will email you our numbers. Feel free to drop by the site at any time and leave us messages. It is wonderful to hear from you!!

  12. Hey, Megan!!! Glad you obviously made it the rest of the way home safely.

    I had so much fun with you guys. I miss you today! That was quite the adventure last night. Never dodged tornadoes before!! When I get some free time I will post some of our adventure pictures!

  13. I miss you today too!! I woke up and it was weird not having all the girls there and we always seemed to be in the same room when we slept so it was strange. I’m glad you got to come with us! I’ve already posted my pics on flickr but I’ll make a post later. To tired today…..

  14. Hi Karen (and Megan),
    Glad to hear you made it back OK……..I’m guessing you have quite a story to tell. I’ll have to live vicariously through your exciting lives for the time being, because mine is too darn boring right now. Looks like you all had a blast in Chicago.