Winter Funny

January 3, 2006

Here’s a little winter humor for your January day.


Hope everyone’s New Years was wonderful. I keep telling myself that I am not making any New Year’s Resolutions, but then my mind says “I need to stop doing that. . .or need to start doing this”.

There is something about starting over, getting a new journal, a clean sheet of paper, a fresh start or a new year! It is a time for new beginnings.

So what about you? Are you making New Year’s Resolutions?



13 responses to Winter Funny

  1. I remember last year you asked me that and I told you “survival” was my resolution. We made it!!! The business is doing well, there’s food on the table and the bills are paid, the kids are well and our marriage is healthy!! Woohoo!!

    This year I’d like to get up earlier. I think my whole day would go smoother if I got up and showered and was ready by the time the kids woke up. We’ll see if I keep this one. I think it would make a postive difference.

    I’d also like to do a better job of seeking Him daily.

    There’s so many things I could be doing better, but if I seek Him each day I think those other things would be more likely to fall into place as I follow His leading. I don’t want to overwhelm myself by making a long list.

  2. That’s great, Julie! I do remember you saying that “survival was your goal”. I remember feeling sad when you told me that, too. But look what God has done in your lives this year.

    I think “survival” is one of those seasons in all of our lives. I know that has been my mom’s goal lately and I feel like I am working with her to that end. I think when we just get desperate to make it and to lean on God, he really can show himself so strong in our weakness.

    I like that your goals are attainable. I think I didn’t want to make any this year because so many times mine aren’t even attainable and I just give up after a week.

  3. I have to share with you something I just read. The timing is amazing.

    Don’t settle for survival—
    I’ve designed you for abundant life! Because I am your refuge, your strength, and your ever-present help in times of trouble, you don’t have to fear anything. Seek Me and My ways first, and I’ll take care of all the rest. Keep a balanced perspective on the things that make an eternal difference.

    Looking out for you,
    Your Protective Father

    from John 10:10; Psalm 46:1-2; Matthew 6:33; Colossians 3:2

  4. When your perfect there isn’t anything a resolution would be good for. I guess the only thing I could think of would to be just as good as I was last year!!!!! Oh by the way I never Lie.

  5. Kenny, I think that I now have a resolution. . .

    I want to be just like Kenny!

    HA! Ha. . ..LIAR!

  6. That’s really neat, Jules! That was quite timely. I guess “surviving” is sort of settling for less than what God has for us, huh!?

  7. Karen, That really hurts!!! I know your just jealous.

  8. I heard a guy talking on the radio the other day that, resolutions are to easily broken, instead people need to use the phrase of “Intentional Living”

  9. Hmmmm. . .that’s sounds better. Intentional living sounds more like a life with purpose than just trying to make a promise to yourself. I like that.

  10. You’re right, Kenny, I am soooo jealous!! :)

  11. I’ve already talked about my to-do list on my site and so far its going well. I’ve actually accomplished a few of the smaller things I needed to do and the fun of updating the list, etc. will hopefully help keep me motivated throughout the year.

    Love the cartoon, looks like something from the New Yorker. It is nice to have the idea of New Year’s Day as it gives us a chance to pause and look at things fresh and new. I think the coming of spring also does this. Its important to have these type of set times to give us the feeling that we can do something new and start fresh.

  12. Marilyn alias(Punkie) January 12, 2006 at 5:46 pm

    I was listening to a person on TV the other day, he said people don’t like changes, like in change of diet, change ways, etc. He thought it more helpful for people to change their attitudes about food, etc. I didn’t make any resolutions this year, that way I won’t break it. I do hope to have a new ATTITUDE. What I really want is an even closer relationship with the Lord. I’m Jules aunt, just in case any one wonders. Karen, your mom looks good.

  13. Thanks, Punkie!! I think you are right about the ATTITUDE. I think the old saying that “attitude is 1/2 the battle” is right.

    Thanks for commenting!!