Worm Wranglin’

April 21, 2008


What could make a kid this happy?


This excited?


This content?


How about a bucket o’ WORMS!!!

Tom took the kids out in the rain, in the dark, in their ponchos for a real worm roundup. The worms were all over the streets as we drove home the other night so the kids were itching to get those night crawlers for fishing.

As you can see, they really cleaned up on worms!!




7 responses to Worm Wranglin’

  1. I know what’s with the “fives”? Well it’s not a number but it was supposed to be how dirty our hands were. Our street has gone back to basically hard packed mud due to the world’s depletion of pavement material ( or at least in Lone Jack) so it gets a little dirty picking up the crawlers.

    We did take them to the grandparents pond on Sunday and caught quite a few.

  2. Punkie and I used to be always picking up worms for fishing. Me being the Tomboy always led the way. A limb from a tree, baleing twine, and a bent safety pin from our baby sisters diapers, always got a few bullheads for supper.Hee he he. The good ole days. I STILL LOVE WORMS, GO KIDS. TOM YOU MADE THEIR NIGHT. :)

  3. Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar! April 23, 2008 at 8:07 am

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww! 😆 Kids sure do love worms though. Last Sunday I was tilling up my little flower boxes off of the back porch getting them ready for spring flowers & my kids came RUNNING from across the yard and said “did you find any worms?”. But, I’m a mean mommy and I made them put all the worms back in my little flower garden when they were done investigating them (flowers gotta have worms too!).

  4. Awesome! The worms look fat and tempting (at least to a fish). I see that Julian’s eye looks much better.

  5. Tom always stares off into space when I tell a story, but here goes.Your pictures of your children having such a good time will later be your proof that they had a decent childhood. I just read a biography of Joan Crawford, and that is what happened to her. Her two older children were kind of nutty, and now she has the reputation of a “mommy dearest” when everyone else says she was a good mother. I myself have several books of photos of the boys living the good life, so I am ready.

  6. That’s a GREAT thought, Barb! Sometimes I look back at scrapbook pages I’ve done and everyone looks all smiley and fun. However, I know that the day was actually crappy because of someone having meltdowns, peed pants or being tired. You know those kind…..but you’re right. I will have proof!!!

  7. That’s so cute, I tried to get Owen to touch a worm the other day, he touched it real quick, it squirmed and squiggled and then he let out a scream, backed up real fast, and started to cry, he had the worst look of terror on his face, I’m a terrible mom but it was excruciatingly funny.