November 5, 2005

Because of numerous requests to see the pictures of poor Julian’s teeth, here they are!

If you are easily grossed out, please don’t look. I warned you



Here are the big pieces of Julian’s teeth that were pulled. They didn’t bother giving me the little pieces of his teeth and bone.

And the picture you have all been waiting for. . ..

Keep in mind, this is 3 days old. His gums are looking pretty good at this point!

You can see his stitches here. He will get them out on Thursday. He is a little concerned that they will hurt. He came home from school yesterday and it looked like something white was peeking out of his gums. He said “Looky, Mom, a tooth is coming in!” I told him we would ask Dr. Bruce next week if it is. He turned really sullen and said “Is he gonna yank it out?” I told him an emphatic “No!”. He looked at me funny and said “Can we call him right now and find out?”

Hee Hee.



12 responses to YOU ASKED FOR IT!!!

  1. Poor kid! Julian, you are very brave! Did the tooth fairy visit?

  2. Julian – you are just as cute (if not more) without your teeth! I love your smile! Just remember – teeth aren’t everything – just ask Grandma H. hee-hee. Karen – when I spoke to him on the phone he said that you told him he was a very brave boy. I said, “Julian, I think everyone thinks you are a very brave boy.” He said, “No….that’s not true, because everyone doesn’t know me!” I was dying laughing!

  3. Oh my goodness!!! Karen, I heard about this accident from Lydia. But I must have missed the name, as I didn’t realize it was your boy. Wow, poor kid. Were you freaking out when it happened? Tough little guy.

  4. Wow! I’m not used to seeing baby teeth with roots attached! They don’t look like that when they fall out on their own! Poor kiddo!! My mouth still hurts when I think about it. The girls will enjoy seeing Julian’s pic. Did you get their notes to him in the mail?

  5. Karen – sounds as though you are weathering this storm in good shape. I know your faith helped. I thought of all of you often over the weekend. I think Julian looks cute with that big gap. What was the reaction at school? And did the other child’s mother contact you?

    Tell Julian that maybe not everyone knows him, but the ones that do know he was very brave. And so was his Mother. He won’t understand until he’s a parent but that’s one of the hardest things you’ll have to do – to stand by and watch him while he’s hurt!

    Love to all.

  6. Thanks everyone for your condolences – especially to me! It was very hard as a Mommy to go through this. Yet, I really did pretty well. It’s amazing what you do when the adrenaline kicks in and you just “do it”.

    No, Rob, I really didn’t freak out too bad. Thank goodness!

    Julie, thanks for the pictures from Lydia and Jessica. They are on the fridge. He really enjoyed getting those. Love the batman and spiderman on Lydia’s page. I was really expecting to see a cat on it. So it was very sweet of her to draw something he likes!!

    I do think he is cute without his teeth. I still am not used to it. Whenever he gets up in the morning, it takes me off guard again.

  7. Carol, yes the parents of the boy wrote us a very nice letter and left me their phone number. I called them but they weren’t home so I left a message. They were very sorry and they will not allow the boy to get on the teeter totter the rest of the year.

    I haven’t gotten too much reaction from school. The school nurse called and his teacher called that evening to check on him.

  8. Whoa! That sure looks painful! Yikes! But, he’s now got bragging rights for the end of time!

  9. Yeah, he sure does!

  10. Whoa, my teeth really do hurt now. Bless his heart, he sure is a big boy!! Bragging rights, huh, I guess so, in a big way!!!!!!!!!!!!

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