You Learn New Things Everyday!

January 4, 2008

Okay, I’m curious at what new little nuance did you learn today. We really do learn new things everyday and we don’t even realize it. I am trying to take note of new things that hit my brain and make a new connection these days. Probably because they seem to be less and less the older I get!

So…today I learned that you can take the knobs off the stove!!! Did you know this? You can pull the burner knobs right off and wash them. This makes for easy cleanup around the knobs where all the messy fingers and food get splashed. I learned this thanks to my friend Jules! So thanks Jules for having your knobs off your stove today. I came right home, pulled them off and enjoyed cleaning that mess. No more trying to get a rag around and behind those silly things!

Another thing I am learning is this…and it’s because of my tongue situation (check out my previous post if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

James 1:19 (message version) “Post this to all intersections, dear friends: Lead with your ears, follow up with your tongue, and let anger straggle along in the rear.”

I think my life is so much of the time characterized by the complete opposite of the above. I let something tick me off or annoy me, then I follow it up with my tongue yelling and yapping and then later I might listen. Actually I probably never listened at all.

For some reason I think that it is no accident that I am starting 2008 with a mouth full of sores, full of pain and having to quit talking! My mouth really does feel so much better when I keep it shut. I also am learning the art of listening, sizing up situations and learning the most effective and brief words to use to dissolve kid spats, conversations and meaningful moments of love. This has been painfully good for me!

So tell me something YOU learned today…anything…no matter how silly!



11 responses to You Learn New Things Everyday!

  1. Hurray for easy cleaning of the stove top! Isn’t it funny when you learn something that many of your friends have known for years? I have had several experiences like that, and I seem to just happen on them by watching others! Carl had his work calendar out, and I notices that he had cut the little perforated edge/tab at the bottom of the calendar up until the current week. I never knew what they were for: to help you find your place in the correct day/week! How miraculous!

    Speaking of stoves…my friend Laura was over a couple of months ago and was surprised to see me lift up the entire top of my stove (it has built in hinges that hold it up while I clean away the drips underneath and to the sides). She told me later that she never realized that her stove top did the same thing!

  2. That’s so funny! Maybe there should be a “stove” class that you could take to find out all those funny things!

  3. …or just ask your husbands.

  4. Hooray for you and your stove. I don’t know how long I’ve known this, but I see what you mean! Completely.

    Tom–for shame for shame….you knew yet you didn’t take them off and clean them yourself! MmmmmMmmm that’s not okay! 😉

    Karen, I love what you posted, I love a lot of the things you say, how you think, because so often it’s how I feel as well. You’re light years ahead of me, my friend. If I’d kept my mouth shut years ago, maybe I wouldn’t be dealing with the issues I am dealing with right now. I think a great deal of Niki’s anger comes from me not listening to her. xoxo

  5. Can’t say that I’m light years ahead of you, Stacey! Obviously this is one thing I’m just now learning. So you knew that your stove knobs come off? I’m praying for you and Niki!

    Actually, Mary, I had forgotten you could raise up your whole top of the stove. I think I saw someone do that one time but I’ve never tried it.

  6. Something I’ve learned today…

    ? I got nothing.

    But after reading your post I am convicted about my loud mouth 😉

  7. I think I learned the knob thing by accident when I pulled one off the stove at work while cooking. Hard to believe, eh? Once in a great while I actually make use of the stove! :rotfl

  8. Wait, people actually CLEAN their ovens?

    Hey Karen, we met many years ago. I went to Moody with Merri and saw you on her blog. I THOUGHT you had nature pictures on your blog but when I scrolled down I saw the canker sore pic. :puke.

    I haven’t quite recovered, but I hope to be back so I can see your cardinal picture:p

    I hope your mouth heals!

  9. That you can be found “guilty” of a violating a city ordinance…but not have to pay the fine???

    Yep, I had my day in court today! It was a scene straight out of bizarro world. I went before the judge, told her why I felt like I was NOT guilty of passing the stupid school bus, then the school bus driver told his story. In the end the judge found me guilty of violating city ordinance 23-103…but did not make me pay the fine! Instead, I was also given 1 YEAR of something called SIS probation (geez…I sound like such a criminal!). The conditions of my “probation” state that I am to 1) obey all the laws of US, state, and city in which I live (O…K… check), 2) Not repeat said violation of city ordinance that I allegedly violated (check…still don’t think I was guilty anyway), 3)Not drive an un-licensed motor vehicle (um….check).

    So, there you have it! Before today I did not know you could be found “guilty” of violating a city ordinance…yet not have to pay the fine? Who knew? Oh…I did however have to pay $24.50 in court costs & spend 2.5 hours in the court room waiting for my name to be called :disgust.

  10. YEAHHHHHHH!!! I’m so glad that turned out well for you. Obviously the judge believed you or you could have had all that awful stuff happen that you were afraid could happen.

    Praise God!!

  11. It went a lot better than I thought it was going to go. I was a little nervous because the judge had just got into it with the man that went right before me & she almost had him arrested. I could tell she was still irritated with him when she called my name & I thought “oh, great….just what I need, a judge in a bad mood”. However, I think my case was a good distraction since the bus driver and I were both well-behaved :D.

    I still don’t like that I’m under this “SIS probation”….but I think that’s how it had to go down if I was going to get out of paying the fine. Basically it was my word against the bus drivers word. The whole “trial” only took about 5 minutes! My silver lining is that I think I understand our legal system a little better now 😉